Access to on line turbine monitoring
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Contact : Ricardo A. Mohr Rioseco

What we do?

We understand that the electricity is fundamental for the human being, but we believe in producing it allowing our children and grand children to live iqual or better than us.

We are motivated to work on projects which generate clean and renewable energy, respect the environment and adapt well to the project’s surroundings.

For this we support the development, construction and operation of renewable energy projects. We prefer taking a long term view and we are committed providing a high quality service to our clients.

How do we work?

As a developer, our business model is to benefit
from the sale of energy generated by the project.


Phase 1: Proyect definition

  • Project Inspection and Site Visits
  • Hydrological study
  • Hydraulic predesign and project budget estimation
  • Definition of interconnection alternatives and interconnection agreement support
  • Evaluation of possible scenarios for project
  • Agreements with other project beneficiaries
  • Creation of legal entity for project

Phase 2: Development of project structure

  • Hydraulic detailed design
  • Geotechnical design
  • Government approval letter, DIA or EIA.
  • CONAF permit for tree clearing
  • DGA’s civil works construction permit
  • Municipality construction permit
  • PAS 91 permit
  • Other requirement permits
  • Definition and implementation of an energy sale strategy

Phase 3: Project Finance

  • Identification of equity partners
  • Identification and definition of finance alternatives.

Phase 4: Preparation for Construction

  • Identify electromechanical equipment.
  • Identify construction contractors.
  • Identify materials suppliers.
  • Identify construction insurance.
  • Identify independent technical inspector for the construction.

Phase 5: Construction

  • Earthworks
  • Civil works
  • Electricians
  • Equipment Installation
  • Commissioning

Phase 6: Operation and maintenance

  • Equipment operations and maintenance
  • Definition of maintenance procedures
  • Asset Management (accounting, personnel and others)